Brain Moorhouse - Memories

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Brian Moorhouse

Erinnerungen an Brian Moorhouse, den Spezialisten für Latein- und Südamerika. Er war bekannt als sehr kompetenter Händler, Sammler und Prüfer.

Seine vielfältigen Beiträge zur Philatelie bleiben in Erinnerung. Seine Ehefrau Mimi Moorhouse hat eine anrührend persönliche Beschreibung des gemeinsamen Lebens im Jahr 2017 verfasst:

Darüber hinaus schreibt sie:

"I plan on carrying on doing the business in a limited function, obviously… I am not able to offer any expert knowledge, but I am open to facilitate sending scans and arranging an odd visit to look through our stock here in Peterborough.

My biggest ambition yet is to host our booth at London 2020 on my own!
Please check his website, from time to time for news."

"As for Brian’s extensive Latin America philatelic library – all being well and within reason, I am willing to help provide access to these references on-site but subject to my availability."

"I am collaborating with Corinphila in Switzerland to produce an Edition d’Or series publication in memory of Brian Moorhouse and featuring his latest Large Gold Medal collection from Finlandia, The Classic Stamps of Haiti – The 1881-87 “Liberty Head” Issues."

"Please do feel free to email me at “” or “” anytime"


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